From 2016 – 2018 I started up my own business, making women’s crop tops and other items. Catalysed from a history of selling my old wardrobe, gathering up 10,000 followers, I decided to put my sewing skills to the test and make a few tops from scratch. I was sick of working in retail, so I used some of my savings to buy a sewing machine and a few meters of stretch velvet fabric.

I had experience with a sewing machine, but that’s not to say that I was a confident seamstress or designer. Making the tops took a lot of trial and error; I found myself making numerous tops in sizes 6, 8, 10 and 12, ensuring each fabric was suited to each stretch and width of the body. However, I soon found myself more confident and knowledgable about sewing, fabric, the machine, needles, thread, pattern cutting, tools, all from the comfort of my own home (or my parents dining room table, to be precise).

Shooting and marketing the items was also all completed by myself; sourcing backdrops, using an IKEA clothing rail to hang this on, sourcing a tripod, buying a camera, editing, marking, parceling up items – you name it.

From here, I spent almost two years making these tops. Many, MANY trips to the post office later, I soon created a name for myself and a higher following too. It was the most rewarding form of work and income because it was actually fun and I am proud to say I taught myself a lot about having a business and fashion design, all on my own.

For now I’m giving making clothing a break, because I want to channel my energy into something a bit more personal and suited to my style.

Check out my Depop at @etalaga if you want to see some of the items I’ve made and sold, and keep an eye out for information on any new creations soon.

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